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The International Nippon School was founded
in response to foreigner’s requests for Japanese language education.
We are always listening!
We intended to contribute to the realization
of a real multiculturalism among all foreigners in Japan


We help making students’ dreams come true, and aim at the real multicultural society!

I had a chance to talk to a foreigner who lives in Japan. He said that he came to Japan for his dream, but he spent the days just going to work and doing nothing else. He just feels alone and cannot adapt himself to Japanese culture.

Since I knew the conditions of the foreigners who live in Japan, I opened “class room” to recognize what the multicultural society is. At the “class room”, people from the same country or area can gather and talk, students who go to Japanese language school or university can study by themselves, and for the people who came to Japan with training VISA or Family stay VISA, cannot talk Japanese, they can learn Japanese language for free.

Through this experience, we received the demand from many foreigners and came to establish this school. You can learn not only Japanese language, but also Japanese culture and customs through Japanese language education. I believe that this experience can help making students’ dream come true, and create a real multicultural society.

International Nippon School aim for the creative-opened school where each student can be a main character and realize his/her hope to each future, school and teachers face each student well, and understand and cooperate each other. I hope students who graduate from this school play an active part of Japan or their home country in the future.

「One small step could change your life!」

International Nippon School Master Kazuhiro Saito


  • Student dormitory

    Student dormitory

    We have students dormitory upstairs of the school, so you don’t have to worry about expenses of transportation and commuting time. You can concentrate on your study. Please ask about details when you apply.

  • Extra lesson


    We offer not only Japanese language classes, but also going on a school trip or a field trip, so that you can get to know the Japanese culture and customs.

  • Life support

    Life support

    Apply for VISA / Care of your sickness and injury / Support for finding part-time job
    ※Job offering may differ depending on a day, it doesn't guarantee we can offer anytime.



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