International Nippon School Dormitory


Students dormitory

We have students dormitory upstairs of the school.
The room is basically shared by 2 persons. We will sort our applicant by gender and nationalities,
for compelling reason we may put applicant with different nationalities together.
If you require to enter a single room, the fee will change.
You can comfortably start your life in this fully furnished dormitory from the day you arrive in Japan.

Layout / Room share 2 Rooms + Dining + Kitchen / Shared by 4 people
Dormitory fee ¥21,000 / Per person, every month
Initial payment (pay with tuition fee)
Tenant fee ¥123,000
※Tenant fee includes dormitory fee for the last January,February and March
Dormitory fee for 6 months ¥126,000
Total ¥249,000
  • 学生寮1
  • 学生寮2
  • 学生寮4
  • 学生寮6


  • ・Single Bed
  • ・Refrigerator
  • ・Futon set
  • ・Rice cooker
  • ・Gas stove
  • ・Washing machine
  • ・Vacuum cleaner
  • ・Pots and pans
  • ・Microwave
  • ・Air conditioner
  • ・Desk, chair
  • ・Consumable goods

※Quilt, mattress, pillow, duvet cover


  • *After 6 months, student has to pay dormitory fee for 6 months.
  • *Water is included in the dormitory fee, but when it exceeds the limit, we will charge you the exceeded amount
  • *Please burern gas and electricity at your expenses.
  • *Student must stay in dormitory until graduation and leaving dormitory is prohibited, if somehow student has to leave our dormitory please notice us 2 months prior and student has to pay a fine for the cancellation fee.
  • *At the time of leaving our dormitory, you may leave if there is no damage or destruction in your room. We will not refund any fees.
  • *If there was a damage, we will charge you for the actual cost.