International Nippon School Method of entrance to our school

Method of entrance to our school


1STEP   Submit application from and copy of your passport
Please fill out application documents and pay the application fee.
Contact us for details.


01,A copy of your passport
02,School application
(including the purpose of studying Japanese language)

2STEP Selection by interview
Applicants will have a written test and interview.
We will inform you a test result by an email.
3STEP Result publication
We will issue a letter of admission to successful applicants.


04,Graduation certificate of the latest academic background

18,Certificate of tax payment

※Please submit the rest of documents other than those documents written on Step 1.

4STEP Submit all the documents
We will submit all the documents to Immigration Bureau etc.
5STEP Issue the Certificate of Eligibility
After issuing the certificate, we will inform you to send us documents.
6STEP Cost transfer payment
Please pay entrance fee and tuition fee for the first year.

※Please remit tuition fee to a designated account.

7STEP Sending the documents including Certificate of Eligibility
We will send you an admission letter etc. to the designated address.
8STEP VISA application at Japanese Embassy
Please prepare for your traveling procedure to Japan by yourself.
About VISA application, documents are different depending on each Embassy or Consulate.
Please contact them and check what you need by yourself, and apply VISA in your country.
9STEP Arrival in Japan
After coming to Japan, please complete the registration procedure
for resident registration and national health insurance at the residence office.
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